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Vintage Clothing Secrets

Vintage clothing has been making waves for some time now and people are finding this sweet change something good. It's the rave not only in the underground fashion scene but also in the mainstream of fashion. Young and old alike have found many ways of taking advantage of this hot new fad and create a style that is their own. There are a million reasons for people to get on and ride the bandwagon of change and it all starts by taking time off and discovering what we have in our closets that we could pass off as vintage clothing.

One question that lingers in the air though is what clothes can we call vintage and are those that just won't cut it. Let's all take a closer look at what makes vintage clothing and what are those that are just not part of the boat.

What makes vintage true vintage? One thing that we can't just do is to put on any old clothes and call it vintage. There are a dozen of reasons why, one of those reasons is that not all clothes that were worn by our ancestors can be called vintage because some of them are just plain old clothes. To get a good idea what is vintage clothing in your wardrobe we first have to get an idea from the experts. Reading magazines and internet websites or blogs would give you an idea of what the fashion gurus are calling vintage. One of the true vintage clothes that we can never go wrong with according to experts is a good pair of faded jeans.

One good pair of worn out jeans can have that vintage effect that we are looking for. To be precise of how vintage jeans would look like, check and see if you can still wear it. Now another thing to look for is how faded those jeans are. More faded is better, just remember that it just needs to be faded not worn out of shape (that's a different story altogether, now they are just old and unusable).

Make your own vintage. Another way of getting your hands on vintage clothing is by making your own vintage clothes. Sounds scary and complicated but trust me; it's actually easier than it sounds. Fading clothes and jeans on purpose is a lot easier when you know exactly how to do it. One sure fire way of achieving that faded vintage look is by bleaching.

A good amount of bleach would fade any clothes in seconds. Just be careful how much time and amount of bleach you use so you don't ruin your clothes. Another good way is by stone washing your clothes. It's a little harder than bleaching and you might need some help on this, but the good thing is that there are a lot of references on the subject online and in forums. Go online and search for methods and techniques for stone washing and your bound to run in to some pretty interesting stuff along the way.

After knowing how to make your clothes look like they are old enough to be 50 years old, try your hand at selling your creations. The good thing about vintage clothing is that there are lots of other people that are also interested in it and with making it.


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