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Top Six Rules In Vintage Clothing Resale

The great number of people who have taken interest in shopping vintage these days translates to a pretty much good market in vintage fashion. This, in turn, attracts an equally great number of people to start selling vintage items. But for these new sellers, selling online is a more viable option than starting a brick and mortar store since there is less starting capital, upkeep, and leg work involved. However, this doesnít dismiss the fact that vintage clothing resale via the Internet requires careful attention to keep the business going and the customers coming. If you are seriously considering selling vintage clothes online, here are the general rules you should follow.

1.) Be honest with your item description. Online buyers heavily rely on your description, so give an accurate account of the itemís condition. State whether it is in excellent condition, perfect, wearable, or still looks like itís never been worn. But as good as you are in communicating the positives, tell your customers the flaws or damages that may be present in your itemóstains, moth holes, split seams, faded fabric, missing buttons, and the likes. Never mislead your customers and overlook the flaws. Your customers know they are buying old stuff, so they somehow expect some sort of damages. Remember that you are trying to build your business, and for you to do that, you must first build customer trust. Giving accurate description establishes your integrity.

2.) Tell the overall structure of the garment. If it is a dress, is it billowy? Does its bodice have a boned area? Is the neckline too low? The sleeves have turn back cuffs? If you can get more specific and use the proper terminologies, the better.

3.) Describe the fabric, trimmings, and mode of construction. You can look at the label of the garment to know the fabric. However, there are some instances the garment doesnít come with its original label, so you must make extra effort to knowing the different fabrics used for vintage clothes such as silk, chiffon, organza, grosgrain, and velveteen. You should as well learn the different trimmings like quilting, crochet, and cutwork. Then, state the mode of construction. Was the garment haute couture, mass produced, or custom made? You can determine this by looking at the fabric, the structure, the sewing technique, and the materials used. Generally, the more elaborate and detailed a garment is, the more expensive it was in its early days.

4.) Give the measurements. You need to tell the measurements of hips, waist, and bust. Other buyers, however, want to know the complete measurements, so be ready with the bodice, length, width, hemline, and so on.

5.) Post photographs. When you canít be descriptive enough, the photos can do the job. This, however, doesnít excuse you from giving full and accurate description, but is only a form of help to better send the message across, especially if you are not yet familiar with certain terminologies. What should be photographed? The full view of the garment, damages, and special details.

6.) State your preferred mode of payment. But donít give detailed information yet, as doing so may put off potential buyers. You can instead prefer to send all the payment information via email to a sure buyer. Draft returns policy as well to assure your buyers of your integrity as a seller in the vintage clothing resale business.


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