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The Look Of The 1950s Womenís Vintage Clothing

Like the clothes in earlier periods of time, the 1950ís womenís vintage clothing is mostly defined by dresses, skirts, and fluffy evening gowns. The 1950ís fashion is a mixture of the influences and creativity of many fashion geniuses. Though the looks in the 1940ís stood as forerunner of the 1950ís fashion trends, many designers introduced new styles and concepts that generally flaunt femininity and glamour.

Dress and skirts for daywear
The 1950ís vintage clothing is normally comprised of daywear full skirted dresses. They have small waists, are calf-length, and are made from cotton and/or satin fabrics with foliage and floral prints. Usually, they come with belts.

Shirt style dresses were also common as daywear in the 1950ís. Shirt style dresses have three quarter sleeves and turn back cuffs and are made from striped fabrics that come in a lot of color combinations.

Though most 1950 vintage skirts were usually calf-length, there were also others that go below the knee. Skirts could either be full and fluffy or narrow. Regardless, they all have small waists.

Dress jackets and coats were also part of the 1950ís fashion. They could be used with a matching dress or be worn as a blouse with a skirt. Cotton and silk were commonly used for these pieces.

Other 1950ís vintage daywear pieces are halter dress, Capri pants, midriff bare tops, and straight dresses.

Detailed designs for evening wear
If the 1950ís daywear vintage pieces are feminine, evening gowns and dresses are even more so. They often come in boned strapless dresses made from lace, nets, tulle, chiffon, satin, and other luxurious materials. They are small in the waist and form a sexy and feminine silhouette. This is because the bodice has boned areas that give the dress its definite form and the wearer an hourglass shape. The evening dress is more often than not dreamy and full, with petticoats and under slips made from nets and nylon.

Vintage evening dresses from the 1950ís were worn during formal parties, proms, and balls. They can also be used for such occasions in the present time.

Vintage accessories
Since women of the 1950ís used different accessories a lot, loads of vintage accessories are available for modern women today. Vintage scarves, stoles, and wraps, for instance, could accentuate a modern getup. Gloves, though not anymore used as often as they were before, could be a new addition to vintage collection. Vintage decorated headbands, on the other hand, are still relevant to the modern times as do vintage pins and brooches.

The decade of feminine clothing
Three words define the 1950ís vintage clothing: feminine, sexy, and glamorous. Even the masses were able to keep up with the ultra stylish mode of clothing in the 50ís. This is because mass produced clothes, like haute couture, were stylishly designed and crafted, giving women from lower social classes a chance to get fashionably dressed.

The abundance and grandeur of the 1950ís women vintage clothing, in turn, give modern women more options in their clothing style. These classic pieces can be mixed and matched with contemporary items to achieve a unique but stylish look. For instance, the shirt dress, which was then paired up with either a full or straight skirt, could be worn with a pair of skinny jeans. With little alteration and adjustments, stylish and vintage-loving women could also turn a rather old evening dress into a party standout.


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