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The Balance of Vintage Clothing

It is one of this generation's greatest assets, Vintage clothing has widely become the most sought after genres of fashion in this century and there is no indication of it stopping any time soon. Everywhere you go you see vintage clothing as the most prevalent themes when it comes to fashion and fads. So does this mean that all things old have the chance to be revived…or do some pieces have to remain at the back of the closet where they should be? The answer to this is not quite clear-cut; it all depends on who wears it and how it is worn. Beyond that, everything else is a huge possibility.

How do you make old school and new school come together and create the perfect balance? Experts have their ways of teaching us how to create and achieve a degree of balance when it comes to vintage clothing and new styles, breakthrough designs and maverick fashion ideas. In the end it is still up to us to create it, paired with individual preferences and fashion statements. The real balance is achieved by making use of what we know and what is there in compliment to what we want to achieve.

New School and old school combined is not a farfetched idea. There are a good number of celebrities taking advantage of both these genres; they use these facets of fashion to create a sense of fashion that they can call unique to their style. One of those celebrities is hip-hop icon Kanye West. Mr. West has conquered the music scene and the fashion scene with his preppy and trendy outfits with a twist. A testament to this success is his iconic shutter shades, a crossover of old and new with a twist that adds to the appeal of his sense of style.

A hybrid of Ray Ban's Aviator sunglasses, it is has the frame of the aviator minus the glasses. Instead it sports bars that run across the frame creating a "shutter" effect of window blinds. Also, he brought back the knitted sweatshirt that bid us farewell back in the early 90's. Now he creates his own line of clothes that tries to combine the sense of style that is truly vintage yet very up to date. Also, he recently launched his Air Yeezy shoe line that looked like crossover old Jordan sneakers and the newest in Air technology.

Another celebrity that took that brave leap to make a statement in fashion is R n B artist Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo bravely conquered the masses with his very ground breaking use of the vest and his signature gentleman's hat. Ne-Yo bravely uses these items in combination with other materials that usually doesn't have a bit to do with vests or hats. He popularized the southern gentleman look in his music videos and concerts that is now very common among men trying to make a statement.

This people braved the traditional boundaries of what their music has stereotyped and made a statement. It left a very huge impact on the masses that struggle everyday to make their own image based on the clothes they wear. Vintage clothing is making a comeback and it is obvious everywhere we go. People are becoming more and more aware of the benefits that vintage clothing can give.


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