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How to Find Quality Vintage Clothing

There is a new trend in fashion that is so old it is new. Vintage clothing is the old and new of fashion and people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits and the rewards that it can give. You can see Hollywood big names very much in to it, you can see common folks trying to make the best of it, you see big names in the fashion industry looking back to it's possibilities and you can read all over the internet about the its biggest comeback. Perhaps the biggest comeback that vintage clothing has ever made is when people are making more money out of what used to be relief goods.

There is no denying that before the big comeback vintage clothing made, people were ready to discard dad's old pair of jeans, mom's old boots and other stuff that used to be the all the rave in the 50's, 60's, 70's and the 80's. It was either the trash can or the big boxes that we use to gather clothes at the back of the church for the hurricane victims. That's right, it was like that before. People found no use for these clothes that are still in good condition just because they were out of date or yesterday's news. Some people did have the good sense of having a garage sale to make some money out of these clothes that were part of the "Boys donít cry" era. While some others just held on to it as memorabilia but never to be worn again in public.

But because of the big revival in the fashion industry, vintage clothing was given second life and another chance to make people feel, look and dress good. Some kids started looking for vintage tees and jeans in the attic so they could be more "in" with their circle. These are kids are lucky because their parents couldn't let go of the past but for some people who do not share their luck there are still places where you can dig up old treasures of the times that passed. Here are a few good places to look for vintage clothing.

Antique stores-Aside from really old furniture and fixtures, antique stores are one of the good places to hunt for vintage clothing. There are a good number of antique stores that carry clothes along with furniture in them, they may have mostly shoes and bags and only a handful of clothing. However, there is nothing bad in trying. Who knows what you might find.

Second hand stores-These places are like vintage heaven. These stores carry a huge selection of clothing ranging from vintage to the modern ones. You may need a great deal of patience though as it takes a little while to find the good items.

Garage sales-It's amazing how much clutter and junk people can gather in their lifetime but it is also a good place to hunt for vintage clothes.

Surplus stores-Usually these stores have multiple items that are the same. Nonetheless, try your best at looking for the ones that are unique and have good quality.

Specialty shops-There is a number of stores and shops that specialize in vintage clothing nowadays. It wouldn't be too hard to find what you are looking for here. Remember, vintage clothing is all about where to find and how to find it.


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