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Get All Classic With Menís Vintage Clothing

It is true that there are more vintage clothes available for women than men. Women, after all were, and still are, observed to be more careful with their clothes and kept them in good condition. Still, although menís vintage clothing pieces are in inferior number and often have more holes, stains, and all sorts of damages, men can still scour the whole of a vintage store and successfully find vintage garments that can still be worn for many more years.

There are many vintage choices for men that are still in style today. Classic, if we may say. And interestingly, classic pieces look very good on men, whether as casual, office, or evening attires. Vintage stores offer these classic cum vintage garments, and some of them are the following:

1.) Zoot Suit. Made popular in the 1940ís, zoot suit is composed of slim, high-waisted trousers and long, broad-shouldered jackets. Its bright colors and structure give it a highly stylish appeal, which is why it was mostly worn by teenagers and young men in its heyday.

2.) Eisenhower Jacket. It has short collars and is cinched in the waist. Also appeared in the 1940ís, the jacket took its name from General Dwight Eisenhower who was fond of wearing it.

3.) Buffalo Plaid Shirt. It has a very formal structure, although the checkered print is very casual. It was common in the 1960ís and was worn by older men.

4.) Turtleneck. Another popular item in the 1960ís, turtleneck comes as a basic garment among men as it can be paired with practically everythingójeans, slacks, vest, blazer, or coat.

5.) Nehru Collar. It is a buttoned garment with short, stand up collars, hence the name. It is tight fighting and can be paired with a jacket. Also popular in the 1960ís, nehru collars were worn by The Beatles and other celebrities.

6.) Khaki pants. Khakis are essential in menís wardrobe, which is why they appear in all eras. Classic in every sense, khaki pants can be paired with any shirt and can add elegance to any wardrobe

7.) Wool Blazer. Another basic item in menís wardrobe, wool blazer has been around for many decades now. But its lingering presence in the fashion world has given way to many developments in style.

8.) Vintage Shirt. It can be anywhere from concert shirt to sports championship shirt. Many celebrities, particularly music artists, are seen wearing vintage shirts these days.

9.) Fedora. An appealing and masculine accessory, fedora was the most popular hat in the years prior to 1950 and probably of all time. It is usually made of felt and was worn by detectives and gangsters. By 1950ís, however, fedoras began to disappear. But in the modern times, men still wear fedora hats to make a commanding fashion statement.

Men from the earlier eras liked to dress up as much as modern men do. This, therefore, provides vintage-loving men more fashion alternatives. However, there are certain challenges that modern men might face when looking for vintage clothing. The smaller sizes, for instance. People then were much smaller, with 30 inches the average male waistline. As such, the sizes considered large before could only fit small-built men today.

Other garments are also not in very pristine condition because, as mentioned, most men failed to take good care of their clothes. Male teenagers, for example, wore their clothes until they rip apart. Menís vintage clothing pieces can be fixed, of course, but there are items that may never have its original structure and excellent condition even if repaired.


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